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How to Work with a Pendulum



Pendulums are objects used for spiritual practices such as connecting to intuition, asking questions, and healing. They use various materials, including crystals, wood, glass, and metals. Using a pendulum is excellent when you need a yes or no answer. A pendulum needs to be programmed to connect with your energy. Let’s look at the process of working with a pendulum.

Choose the Right Pendulum

Choose a pendulum that appeals to you visually and energetically. Doing this in a metaphysical store is more straightforward than choosing online because you can see and feel the Pendulum’s energy.

Preparing your Pendulum for use

By clearing the Pendulum, you remove any unwanted energetic residues still present.

All objects absorb energy from their environment. Removing this absorbed energy allows the Pendulum to work to its highest potential.

Ways to Clear Your Pendulum

A. Put your Pendulum in a pot plant overnight and cover it with soil. Please remove it from the pot plant in the morning and wash it well.

B. Put the Pendulum out in the sunshine for a couple of hours.

C. Run warm water and then cold water over the Pendulum. Imagine the Pendulum becoming clearer energetically as you do this.

D. Ask for your angels and guides to clear the energetic field of the Pendulum.

Pendulum Communication

Connecting the Pendulum to our Higher Self ensures that the answers given by the Pendulum are from your Higher Self, not your subconscious mind or emotional body. Our Higher Self can see further than our subconscious or emotional body.

Do the following:

A. Take three deep breaths.

B. Call an Archangel, such as Archangel Michael or your Spiritual Guide, to assist. Ask, “Do you speak with the voice of God? or, Is this guidance from my Spiritual Guide?” I also ask that all information be truthfully accurate and 100% aligned with my highest and highest good.

C. Hold the Pendulum away from your body. Ask the Pendulum, “Show me a yes.” Allow the Pendulum to swing. It may turn from forwards to back or side to side. It may go in a clockwise motion or a counter clockwise circle. Record which way represents a “yes” and thank your guide for the answer.

Next, ask the Pendulum, “Show me a no.” Observe the Pendulum’s response. The answer will be a different movement from the yes answer.

Record the answer and say, “Thank you.”

Ask the Pendulum, “Show me a “maybe/ undecided answer.” Observe the Pendulum’s response ad record it. Say, “Thank you.”

Your Pendulum is now ready to guide you!

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