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Collaborating With Angels


Collaborating With Angels

Angels are waiting for you to ask for their love, guidance, and protection. We all have access to Angels. There is no skill other than an open heart, mind, trust and respect. Angels are God’s Divine Messengers.

Angels and Spirit Guides are different. Angels vibrate at a different frequency to humans due to not incarnating in human form. You may have met many of your Guides-they may be a deceased loved one. We have additional Guides throughout our life depending on the guidance needed.

Each person has two Guardian Angels who travel with us through all our incarnations. These angels know us better than we know ourselves.

Each time we incarnate, we have a personal Angel for that lifetime. This Angel carries knowledge specific to that incarnation.

Angel Hierarchy

Group One: 

These Angels serve as heavenly counsellors and are closest to God.

1. Seraphim’s – are considered the highest of the angelic realm. They use sound to balance the movement of the planets, stars, and heavens.

2. Cherubim’s – are the guardians of the light which emanates from the sun, moon and stars. They are the record-keepers of heaven.

3. Thornes – these are the guardian angels of their planet.

Group Two: 

These angels serve as holy governors.

1. Dominions -are the advisors to the lower angelic groups.

2. Virtues – are the angels of blessings and miracles.

3. Powers – They are the keepers of the Akashic records and protectors of our souls.

Group Three:

These are heaven’s messengers.

1. Principalities – These are the overseers of large organisations, including nations, cities and leaders.

2. Archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the most widely known archangels.

3. Angels – these angels are the closest to humanity. Many groups have an individual purpose, e.g. angels for joy, healing and parking.

How to Connect with Archangels

These powerful beings of light respond to our calls when we ask for their assistance. Each archangel has a purpose of fulfilment, and it is helpful to know who to call when you need help. Daily connection with our angels and archangels each day will increase our awareness and contact with these divine beings. 

Here is a simple visualisation for connecting to your angels and archangels.

1. Ground yourself by seeing roots extending deep into the earth from the soles of your feet and the base of your spine.

2. Take a few deep breaths to relax and calm yourself.

3. Ask your archangel for their protection and guidance around your concerns.

4. Wait for their answer and guidance.

5. Thank your archangel.

6. Gradually feel your body sitting in the chair and return to your physical awareness.

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